Warm up with nature

Build and conserve. Energy and life of earth. We need to spend less if we want to save more, energy or fuel is getting scarce day by day. So, we need to think about other options, for instance how about making all the parts of a building with conductor, we get the desired temperature by drilling into mother earth. 

Transmit this and maintain, once captured keep it and make house warm. If, it is too hot then lets use breeze and cool it, open up and feel the wind touch your face.And cooking..that is pretty important, for cooking we must get something, like a small part  nano particle from sun, and use it for cooking ..it will burn and burn forever.

Then, lets think about commuting. it would be so convenient, if we could go to places without having to go physically, yet feel real. Just as we do, when online but not glued to a chair but mobile, going around in the air. Meeting people and having work done.

Wind tunnels and controlled gravity, for making us glide in the air..just as my dear feathery friends..and land safely.

I like to think, so thoughts should be able to make my imagination real and that can do some of the boring works like, earning a living and maintaining a tax payment.

And politicians and control ..umh..they must be replaced by a community where  money is absent and fame doesn’t matter . People are humane  before being human beings..



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