The need for roads or no more :)

Commuting or transportation needs road, but how it would be if within a city, we had all cars moving in the air space, within wind tunnels. Each one, gets a speed, direction and altitude. No need roads, then we can also go one step further and forget about lifts and escalators. 

Each one has a powered belt, just pressing elevates and the lift well, has no lift just humans moving vertically upwards, stop my floor is here and I come out. The only problem I find with this incredible technology is, theft/ robberies murder and escape.

Human always wanted flight to be part of his daily activity, we envy birds and the views from above makes us feel jealous. How we want to see the mountains from high, climb Everest or fly over it. Good bye to cable cars..and welcome to flying people  and cars too, 

I just wonder, how we will determine height regulations for built environment. or, perhaps earth is not where we would be living, we must be on Jupiter/ Mars/ Venus..after all the solar system is not merely made for the days and nights , it must have habitats. 

energized..and we are there my day dream 🙂


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