Aptitude, Attitude and Altitude

The three must have ” A” for getting, keeping and sometimes leaving the other side..yes..not the really dark side..the men or women depending who is chasing 🙂 who???

Attitude has to be positive and honest, but must have 20% of sweetness.

if the other person fails to express with words, develop an aptitude to listen the unsaid words and read between the lines, of just make a wild guess.

try and be as you are in real, for false or fake personailty needs a good memory, that is not really easy .but..think honestly, do you like yourself as you are  ? hmmm if not please do improve..yes improvise.

Entertainment..Entertainment and entertainment world is after this one art form like crazy..so why not in a relationship. The presence must make the ambience happy, positive vibes must be felt, you should be able to crack jokes and be able to make each other smile, laugh and roll over with laughter..okay..I got a bit carried away..

Absence of the other..must depress you..make you feel lonely, and you miss that person’s voice, movements and ideas.

Encourage yourself to discover or rediscover new avenues, whether it is a movie , food, music or work.Have the courage to be open minded and clever.

Looks are very important, forget about inner beauty bla bla..those are really said by people who never take care of themselves. Ordinary looks are great, with proper expression and less depressions.

Altitude..well here is the main thing..when you meet you come down and when they leave, you let them get a free fall..no more nets to catch nor trap..

They are free so are you..accept it and now let us review..your aptitude and attitude :)..yes we need to change the altitude also.


Fear..the real feel

Fear is perhaps the one most direct and effective measures to control desires. The one thing that fear generates from is, personal harm. Pain. The effort to bear that pain, as long as it last or lingers, physical, mental, financial or spiritual.

Fear, is not negative.It makes us think before we go on thinking further, it is a series of hurdles. A common question posed is, Why do we need to fear God when actually, God is the Creator and has given us so many blessings on earth to enjoy. The Fear of God, is unlike the fear of Satan. Evil strikes where goodness prevail, and Goodness always stands by  when you are right, so the question is why do we fear God and How? Shouldn’t we just respect and love, instead of fearing.

I got my own answer, it is like trying to be in good books. If, I love anyone I want to be loved. If, doing bad things makes God angry, I fear that anger for two reasons. First, I don’t like the very idea of making God angry  and secondly, for evrything I do wrong I may get forgiven but I must be prepared for a punishment too. Ultimately, the punishment is physical or social trauma here on earth or after day of judgement, so I am afraid of a burning hell, clothes that are made of fire and boiling bad tasting foul smelling water to drink.

In this context, the fear has two aspects, first I acknowledge that I believe in God and secondly, I am trying to rehearse my appearance on the day of Judgement. The whole earth turned into a flat ground, all dead gone and turned to dust called out and everyone lined up, no one speaksbut fear prevails. Waiting for a report card, if handed in right hand it is good but if it is given on left, that means bad time just started. No one to face this ordeal except myself.

Few people tell me, when that day comes and they also doubt it would come , will take it from there..but then take it where? 

So, I think it is better for me to be afraid and try to remain in the good books, at least give it a try.

No grills for me

Security and safety is ensured by placing protective grills on our windows and verandahs too. But, don’t you feel like living in a cage, with bars in front of your eyes. Blocking your clear and wide vision, looking at sky with an angle..guess why? Yes..grill is in front of my eye..

But, without grills can we survive? Thieves they climb up walls and few risk to drop down from roof, and makes us scared at night. And, what if they get into a fist fight..no grills means open the glass panes and nose dive! One man explained to me that grills are important, for those who get drunk, grill prevent them from jumping 🙂

But..only if a air shield was protecting us, when you open the window the pores on the inner frames they give breeze, that flows inside and gets clean, due to the nano paint. It leaves the inner space as clean air, thus thebuildings are air purifiers. This air film, got a soft yet firm hold, no one can pass this barrier, that got sound waves as a lining. Air in combination with sound waves, protecting us from free fall, thieves and letting our vision be clear as crystal.

Safety ensured and grills those are invisible shields only.

I was and am still a bit of a dork :)

When I was studying in a school, for a short time I had to be in a co-ed. During the break, I was playing and got thirsty. Got a cup of water filled from my very own water bottle,was about to drink when a smarty pants tricked me, he asked me what is the time?I forgot I was holding the water filled cup and turned to see my wrist, oops the water spilled I was standing on the 3rd level of the open to sky stair landing and below was a huge fat boy.

I looked down and he saw me, that made me realize I am about to get a black eye. I ran down and he ran up, I quickly went inside a senior class room, who were having extra classes. He chased me but the teacher felt some sympathy for me and with a mere sorry, I was free.

No black eye for me 🙂

Warm up with nature

Build and conserve. Energy and life of earth. We need to spend less if we want to save more, energy or fuel is getting scarce day by day. So, we need to think about other options, for instance how about making all the parts of a building with conductor, we get the desired temperature by drilling into mother earth. 

Transmit this and maintain, once captured keep it and make house warm. If, it is too hot then lets use breeze and cool it, open up and feel the wind touch your face.And cooking..that is pretty important, for cooking we must get something, like a small part  nano particle from sun, and use it for cooking ..it will burn and burn forever.

Then, lets think about commuting. it would be so convenient, if we could go to places without having to go physically, yet feel real. Just as we do, when online but not glued to a chair but mobile, going around in the air. Meeting people and having work done.

Wind tunnels and controlled gravity, for making us glide in the air..just as my dear feathery friends..and land safely.

I like to think, so thoughts should be able to make my imagination real and that can do some of the boring works like, earning a living and maintaining a tax payment.

And politicians and control ..umh..they must be replaced by a community where  money is absent and fame doesn’t matter . People are humane  before being human beings..


The need for roads or no more :)

Commuting or transportation needs road, but how it would be if within a city, we had all cars moving in the air space, within wind tunnels. Each one, gets a speed, direction and altitude. No need roads, then we can also go one step further and forget about lifts and escalators. 

Each one has a powered belt, just pressing elevates and the lift well, has no lift just humans moving vertically upwards, stop my floor is here and I come out. The only problem I find with this incredible technology is, theft/ robberies murder and escape.

Human always wanted flight to be part of his daily activity, we envy birds and the views from above makes us feel jealous. How we want to see the mountains from high, climb Everest or fly over it. Good bye to cable cars..and welcome to flying people  and cars too, 

I just wonder, how we will determine height regulations for built environment. or, perhaps earth is not where we would be living, we must be on Jupiter/ Mars/ Venus..after all the solar system is not merely made for the days and nights , it must have habitats. 

energized..and we are there ..in my day dream 🙂