The kids were contemplating on a suffix. What is so grand  about,  Grand parents and grand children .

I appreciate their patience level.

I think it is generosity..remember when our parents refuse to give us anything, they always offer us the same things.never, even brag about it..

I sense it is the capacity to let people be as they are, we are always so relaxed and ourselves at their house. They never complain how we behave 😉

I feel, it is wisdom. with age they acquired it.

I find, them to be just like us. That is why..they are grand parents and we are their grand children.We are both grand. 

Grand at vision, innovation, expression and believe. 

We got the above qualities because we are young and they got it , as they have experienced and lived, much of those aspects. is the honesty that is grand..Yes.with love..

Greatness..Righteousness ..Awareness..Neutrality …Devotion

We must form a link from our size, and age to their mind and height, then teach those who have lost their innocence and misplaced their devotion to focus on life and thought, for their turn to become grand is next..and what would we be? Just Parents and Children…

Not just that..when we link the future and past..we the present would make the best of it..and make it last.

To the past…we  love 

To the present..we live

To the future..we hold

let the generations live, love and hold their connection and make the best of this today and everyday..for present would pass..quickly 😉


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