Gifts wrapped or not


On any occasion in life. We have two common things, first is gift and second is food. We love both. Without a gift, nothing to remember. when we get a gift..excluding cash gift..we tend to use it and keep it for a long time. Therefore, to buy a gift, we take lots of what can I afford, what is in fashion, where can I get it and what was that particular person’s choice/hope.

We never want people or pets to get a frown when the great time comes..we are giving them hope and smile not a hidden shock..Some  friends give us gift and borrow it back ! that usually happened earlier during college days..when books were given and taken for a long time.

I always try to give a useful gift to my husband, I gave him a drill machine and a collapsible ladder. Yep..he likes to make holes and climb up..Then, I also gave him the can items for his birthdays are everlasting..this year it was the turbo car wheels. not, that he doesn’t like the shirt I buy, it is just he has this urge for these things, that I respect..his urge :))) of course each time he opens or even before he open, he can make out by the shape and size what is the gift..When I got married to him..he had bought a thick gold bangle for me as a token of  love. I didn’t get him anything, so I told him..I am your can unwrap me , now that we are married 😉


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