The Retarders ..

The retarders in life and road. Everyday encounter, and we turn a bit sour. Why do they not compete in a healthy way, why should they block and give me side, life is a race  and traffic is a nightmare. Which is worst, I can not yet decided. But let me try to ponder on, on road we are moving but the car in front of us doesn’t want to speed and those behind are dying to run over, horns blare and lights flicked..they get a kick out of this harassment . Do they have any urgency to elbow us out , not really . After they reach their destinations  some would sit and have a cup of tea, or  get online and drop a line to a sweetheart. few, who are in a rush work :))

I find it also interesting to note, that bus drivers are always stopping either before or after their bus stop, blocking all four lanes and leaving a tiny space , like a half lane for cars to get into a tunnel effect for squeezing out the other side. people complain, about getting they want to change lanes, moving from slower to faster, but as they try they keep on stalling the lanes they are on and wait.this is also slowing down speed. But,they never realize. In a city like Dhaka, there are few traffic signals, and mostly not working, reason the local traffic constable wants to have some power over those moving freely. They don’t want ordinary  people to pass without looking at them, that what drivers would do if they were to follow only signals. So, they put them on halt and talk over the phone, yes someone important is coming all of us must wait..let him/her pass..question is why????

Now,come to the life retarders. At work or school, those who cannot score high or do good, would try to plot against those who are hardworking and intelligent. The retarders also put much time and effort, in scheming ad plotting the ways to block the honest workers. They find out reasons for stopping any project, and if you ask them why ? They simply tell you, you are not suppose to know. Talk about, neighbors, they also are trying to steal away your peace and happiness. Relatives, they want to make sure you feel sorry, that they are your relative 😉 . Who else are there? 

Too many , I guess..but one thing is consistent, the way they behave on road is an honest reflection of their inner personality and character.


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