Life and road both got many retarders. Some to block, others to slow, few to misguide and other’s they wouldn’t let you go. Every day, at work or home, we need to breathe in and out..not because I got cold and nose is is for venting out fumes..yes my heart burns and my blood boils. Still, I must smile or face consequences.

On road, pedestrians and hawkers, try to block, at work the colleague wants to give you a 1000 watt jolt and at home, the neighbors got ideas to capture your parking space, while you were gone. Each time, I must spend time to avoid conflict, duck the throw or escape the ordeal.

No wonder, people get sour. They think about miseries and get miserable each day. I feel that low..then I feel sad..depression; just then I catch a glimpse of my reflection on the window. I smile, after all it is me :)) I love myself, since I must compensate for the empty looks I get when I am in a group.The whole room feels like pricking grass, irritating my feet but I must last till it is time to leave.

Endure, experience, erase your miseries and come back for more, yes, tommorow is another day 🙂



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