Ego a devil inside

Human beings are more or less in competition. Each group or age, there is a race. Not always announced, yet each appreciation and  credibility, is sought with much enthusiasm. Acknowledgement is considered to be a hand towards progress and betterment.

The competitors , are never equal although the prize is for all. A mother’s hug or teacher’s report. The employer’s raise or promotion, for out standing performance. Election campaigning and the collected votes, marking the winner. Each win no matter how small or big, triggers the evil within.

The devil lurking inside a person’s mind is the “Ego”. What is this characteristic ingredients, I find that ego is the manifestation of excessive jealousy , extra greed and overwhelming conceit  .

Once, we get ego is like a fire of jealousy..the hunger for acknowledgement thinking oneself to be worth more than others. There is no is simply a war for everything  with everyone and in the end, there is nothing worth for all that loss.

Ego..Extra effort needed to let it go!


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