Click click and you like the post..what if that click was not so had to earn points to like..what you read or see..Giving award was  like posting a virtual gift..last for a month than disappear or get so many, you never remember any..What if you had message options..then word press would be really  pressed for word 😉

Each social hub has its way of keeping the writers/bloggers contributions a continuous flow. Themes, games, competitions all for a better blog. I sometimes think..why do we do what we do ? yes.get addicted to computer/internet with any offer that is “in” .. word press is no exception, it has its sale points, advertisements and pure information. A sort of social circle like Google has also evolved, follow and get followed..with the internet catch.

One thing is common, or rather I find it come up very often, people on internet needs a venting get connected with others totally unknown strangers from the other side of the world..but with mental alignment. The happiness in find a writing that reveals your inner sense, or a poem that says what you wanted to and it even rhymes..that you hardly manage does make me smile.and smile is something that allures me to this virtual world.


as you pass by the lane and admire the greens popping up on the surface that is so hard, like a reminder to me..what is on the top is never inside the mother earth..


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