You need courage for getting your rights. That much is true, when people turn your right to speak, use, move, work or live as a favor, it is time to get ready for a fight . Not fist fight, just fight for your right.

Average person has a mediocre level of intelligence, limited connections and no special preference. The top brass or intelligent  ones, get admission on merit. Those who are disabled or special get considerations. What about the average? They can not get any right?

I find it a hard world for the average person. They maybe able bodied but got burden of a mountain. The society expects them to be super duper, but they have no way to excel..some even commit suicide..the fear of failing is more than death.

The competition is getting tougher,  in a materialistic way. We have excelled in technology, but those who are still behind, are they not humans? Or just the know how of a system will be the criteria to judge people. We, do judge because we are all in a competition, even before we are born the parents are, and once we arrive, we join this is a rat race..the winner is after all a rat.


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