relationships ..unfolds


I come with wisdom, not found in books..hmmm..I know where you look :))

But, then I wanted you it is a fair stray..when eyes they see..stare and stay..

sometimes longer than know why? it is like capturing  those moments in your life. Secretly keeping them away, corner of your mind..reload retrieve..and smile…I know..I do the same , when I am alone..and think about relationships..I never want to change or mix, parents are never friends..not because they are not my is for one one in the world wants to be my mom or dad :)) Secondly, your spouse or not your lover..not anymore..for love got cemented when you two vowed, before the priest or alone..but you committed so, no chasing anymore ..she doesn’t wear make-up or try a new dress for you and you forgot to open the door :)) Children..never even think them to be your buddies..they get out of then feel you are their captive and they are free to go .Siblings are free and they must let you be, as you interference needed..Teachers, boss or the top brass..they must be kept away..for they make you small..when you are average..All this come to friends..pour your heart out and they stay..give them all secrets..they smile away..come trouble they debt..they bail you sorrow..they pull you through..when alone..they make it fun..throw a party..they wash all that’s turned dirty..and you thought that your parents and kids could take their place..there is no replacement of the ones you chose..none

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