Will a simple sorry,work for you

Or a kiss will soothe

would pleading help a bit

or you are still stiff

I want to see you smile

even if , for a while

my lips are sealed

can you feel

I am sorry  for real

Please forgive me,

let us make a deal

Next, time when you write anything sad

or do something bad

or really make me mad

I promise to forgive and forget

You will not regret

if you forgive me now, Oh please

After all, I just teased

You and your furry friend

I am ready to take back, in the end

for each word I wrote to you

Please forgive me, I owe you

an apology

I am writing a trilogy 🙂



One thought on “Apology

  1. I admire the things you have carried out here. I adore the section where anyone say you are carrying out this to make back but I might assume by every one of the comments which is helping you as nicely. Do you have any more information on this kind of?

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