Whenever we are happy, why do we relate with balloons. Birthdays definitely, then in visual world, I love you balloon, send and it remains for a month then disappears. High and happy, some one wants to make you unhappy, popo your air out..yes.. my mood was a balloon. LIght and free, inexpensive too but..never does it last long, maybe a day or two, then slowly it gets deformed and creased, to make it tight, we reduce the size, small happiness, air gone difficult to contain and capture  happiness or light mood.

Then lets think about when we burst out laughing…yes thats a balloon too..colorful and with strings, without any attachment  it can fly hold it down and tie it up, we need to keep happy prisoners,for they want to leave us and go higher, as long as they still have a chance to go beyond the pull from my hands and gravity but what is the hurry. I can never understand, it is me who bought those  in a bag and huffed and puffed to turn those empty small containers with my air 🙂 or from cylinder which was easier and didn’t make me bloated.

The water balloons are better, just keep on playing and when is splashes..there is a messy puddle..but no air 


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