Visit to a dentist

Made me sit on a comfortable relaxed chair, but was a bit scary. The equipments used, were so many and the sound, made me shiver as if time has come for torture. The nurse brought a syringe to inject with a painkiller, but the needle’s pain, that has no pain killer to pacify my throb. I closed my eyes, and thought how to over come this session of root canal. Suddenly, you smiled within my closed  lids, you told me to come and share the morning in the sun, you had everything ready.You held my hand, and comforted me softly, I got numbed.And just remembered, your words so kind and caring, your laughter was real, your eyes danced and your beautiful when you smile.

I wanted you to stay, but a pair of hands summoned me to wake-up, the ordeal was over..I still felt some numbness .but your love was the pacifier of all the of mental physical drains..but you always helped me swim out again.


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