What do you want :))

Women ask this question and so does every man. To himself and his girl friend. We want to know what you want from me. is the looks. well the first impression does count and what pleases eyes does effect my heart beat. Is it the mannerism, that keeps my integrity and clothes in good shape, otherwise pushing and pulling get me undressed partly.

What about humor ? Definitely , we all want to be entertained and no one likes a sad story..that has a rewind button.

Intelligence ? aahan..yes..that is important, because sometimes we don’t want to say everything  not that I am testing your IQ, actually I am finding it hard to express, so much easier if you could understand me without any effort from my part. Chemistry..is that about how we relate? I like chemistry..it has sparks, gets reactions, changes color ..odorless and sometimes oooohhh don’t ask..but yes..without chemistry..its a big No..

Do you think..its a mystery..the women..no..Actually, its the geography thats interesting and history especially age is hidden..and few  secret admirers too..not always under the bed..some are distant lovers..thanks to internet.

But..why don’t you answer every question without so much confusing statements?

Thats because, we are always searching for the things you have hidden between the lines, you never do write anything but that you have not inked, is the screaming sentences..that I miss out but then I do not want to admit.

so..what do you want from me 🙂

hmm Understanding and empathy..


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