Low budget thrills

You are residing at third world country and not much scope for exhilarating mountain skiing . But, what you can enjoy is the real thrills of everyday life.  When on road, you are moving, suddenly a car comes from the opposite direction at full speed..you can not avoid totally..just inches and its over..you are driving and the person in front of you forgot his mobile phone..he breaks hard..you find it hard to break..but manage somehow..narrow escape.Now, you are free..more or less.but a tree in the middle of a road..really? aha a booby trap in disguise..yes  manhole without the lid..after all people think man-hole cover should be recycled too. Move.ahead, and a pedestrian wants to cross the road…from right to left side,, but is not looking at your car thats approaching..no..she is looking where no car will ever come..yes opposite to the traffic flow..ask her why? I am suppose to see whether car is coming, but nobody told me, which side..got it..But I had to almost escape getting a bump from behind, in saving you..now come to the animal world. cow, goat, dog and cat, all are respectful and not only that..they are roaming around on the road..zig zag..after all, you wanted thrills..and that too free..:)

Welcome to the real world..with me


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