must share

Husband and wife are two people who are never complete without each other.therefore, in most of the occasions, they are invited together. Visiting  in-laws, is also one of such trips. We, are an understanding couple, so we divide the money allocated for the trip in three slots, all equal. One  for me, other for him and last for expenditures for travelling etc. 

I keep only my share, why bother with the other part. hence, I choose my shopping with care, I keep a calculation back of my head. Anything going beyond my budget, I say , no. if, the shopkeeper ask me,” madame, its so nice”

I never deny. I tell him, it is very nice and I really like it, but I can not afford that.On such instances, my husband  if he likes what I was looking at and left, would step in and offer him a price. haggling. negotiating..price. Then he buys it. This way, I get many gift items from him, all the expensive ones. When we are at home and I use those gifts, he then ask me, if I wanted it so much then why all the fuss, you could have bought it, with your share of money. Now you are using it. 

yes, is my reply. But, I didn’t want to and you wanted me to, so now I have to, in order to please you. If, I don’t then its a waste. right?

My husband smiles and says, women have their ways.



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