I just borrowed it

When we are family is there anything like permission. I hope not.Since I was a child, lets us 10 years old, my father used to empty his pockets with all the coins, that he found too much to hold.On that brass tray, at my height. I collected coins from it, every time  I had  an urge for the vendor’s passing by.. ice cream !! he would shout and I ran for the door, then came the fruits man with red chilies and salt sprinkled on the freshly sliced seasonal fruits, thin sliced chips fried, who can resist without a try,  when ever I was sent to get bread, I got myself a single biscuit. The coins were refilled each day on that brass tray, and I collected as i pleased. My father kept pouring the coins and I collected in my hands. Now, that I am married, I continued my practice  this time its my husbands’ turn, I borrow his mobile to make a long distance call and I take a few notes, if he has bought for gifts at Eid, I take as I please.

But then recently, the mullah, ( religious man) gave a sermon, he said if you borrow such money , does it amount to theft..indeed. So, I quickly, went to my husband and told him, not ask..just told him to repeat after me. that all that he owns belongs to me.. cash or in bank..every thing. he just smiled and repeated it again, now I am feeling better again.

I will continue my habit as I please, but will limit to my husband’s pocket ..at ease.


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