passing stop the time rewind–rewind :)



Picture from dezeen :))

Why do women try to capture past. is not about this picture, this awesome picture is to make humor interesting.Most men may be lured into the article by this picture. The attraction of a woman is incomparable.That is the only reason, why most women try to hold on to teens,,even after 20s, and when 30s come..they like their 20s more and then 40s ,must use creams  and 50 s life is ice cream, everything melts.. including the make-up. What does spouse do, of course pay for all creams and damages but can not be honest if they want to share the room after dark..bit creepy..when no make-up and lights off..guess why do they even bother..They never look at our side during day then why at night 🙂


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