Mark Powell (DS Magazine)

Envelopes used  but art does amuse



Looking and finding finally

My mother wanted to get a new frame for her glasses. So off she went choosing something that was fashionable. As the salesman kept on giving her a number of frames, she  wore each one and put it aside and tried another. Finally she liked one, yes! I will take this , it really suits me.

Sales man replied, ” Madame, its your own”

Mother was happy and a bit embarrassed too, she thanked the salesman and walked out of the spectacle  frame shop, happily.





Long time ago, a mermaid was floating on the waves unknown. Suddenly a fisherman, caught and made her captive.

She cried and pleaded but the fisherman wouldn’t let her go, out of the magical waves she lost her fishy tail.

Lo! she became a woman with red hair and golden body, the fisherman was happy and he mated with her. But, he didn’t know, that he now got her  fishy tail and so, he now remains under water, almost every hour and I am sure, its not funny anymore :)) 

The way we treat or get treated by society

Human rights are supposedly equal rights. Sometimes, we change that and make few  people important.

IP means Important Person and who are they, they do important work and are busy.

VIP means Very Important Person, they are  doing some very important work and no time to waste.

V VIP, double V means not only very but certainly more important and your time is not valuable.

V V V IP, now the triplets, you do not exist only that person is, the Person 🙂

Work if was the only category, then it may be acceptable , for ultimately it is about serving the  people.

But, if that importance is given for money..then it does make you think.

I found invitation cards printed for the triple V and food served for the same occasion, at three different avenues with grades in the menu.Guest were divided as per their income strata, was it humanly or justified. Can we as a society, have this invisible sword cut us out, why do we need to attend such gatherings, where the bank balance is actually the criteria for showering respect and gratitudes.

Think we get any benefit if we say yes to a rich man and no to ordinary  persons.

Think, why do we need to smile when a rich man enters a room and turn our head away, when an ordinary  man pulls a seat to sit next to you.

Think, will wealth bring prosperity or disparity.