Shadows of life

Shadows makes us real, it gives a depth . When light is off, shadows disappear. Do we ever miss our shadows? I always know that its following me, sometimes disturbing so , we switch to avoid sharp shadows.Photography, that is all about shadows and shade, the angle to capture need a shade to make something stand out and rest is in the dark, in a way, we always bring out one aspect of our thought on the canvass to let others know, what is in our mind. Same goes for personality and character, in our hearts we feel this shadow, secrets and mystery.Personalities that are open and bright, get missed out as average, but those with dark side..enigmatic and intriguing . why does people want to unveil, the face inside. The discovery seldom leads to satisfaction, we must let the veil remain for us to steal and paste a new look on our face. It is all about shadows of life

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