Poison ( originally a Chinese fable)


There was once a newly married couple, the mother-in-law had a sarcastic tongue. making the life of the young bride very difficult. Then came a point that the young woman seek the help of a medicine man. The elderly man after listening patiently to her sorrows, gave her a paper bag containing a fine white powder.He whispered, this is poison, mix a small portion each day to the dishes you cook, but always select those dishes that are the favorite of your mother-in-law. The young woman hands were trembling and she asked, will anyone know or discover that I have slow poisoned my mother-in-law. No, said the elderly man, actually it is so slow, that it will take 6 months. The young bride did as she was told, getting her favorite dishes each day, the mother-in-law got satisfied, then happy and finally she was all for the daughter-in-law.She would praise her daughter -in-law and buy her presents. One day, she fell sick and was totally uneasy, as if she was sinking. Seeing her mother-in-law , the young woman ran to the medicine man and pleaded for an antidote for the poison, as tears rolled down the elderly man asked, why now you want to save her? my medicine worked and you are about to get free, from all your problems. Sobbing the young woman said, but she has been kind to me and she also likes me so much.

hmmmmm, okay..he replied, will you continue to cook for her now?

yes..said the woman

Will you try to kill her again?

no never..I really am ashamed of myself

Ah! okay..don’t worry the powder I gave you was not poison, and your mother-in-law is not sick because of you. The poison was in her mind that you made disappear with the dishes you prepared and now, there is none.


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