We always start with questions. What, how and when, sometimes why :)) Now this happens very often, any new person entering a circle or neighborhood encounters an interview, that too in detail .Old or middle aged women like to know, why you are not married if you are still single and nearing 30s, if you are married then question is why are you not having any kids ? if your husband is working then question arise why are you not planning to save or purchase a house/apartment with loans..I sometimes wonder, do we live for ourselves or for satisfying others, queries. Slowly, you get disheartened with so many reminders and suggestions for your life, from almost strangers.

That is why..I have my full sympathies  for anyone who didn’t do anything/something as expected by our community members. I always tell them, don’t bother we should stop thinking about other’s wishes for us, and focus on our abilities and potentials.

That does not imply, that we be rude to others , just be tactful and sweet.After, all we must socialize too  :))


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