Recycled , used items again used with different functions. Nowadays, we find the cargo containers used as buildings. I thought, we were complaining about a soul less architectural vocabulary and now it seems, we have gathered to bury architecture style/character for good. We got cages, painted with vibrant colors and propose to use by people.

Are we really closing our mind to what a person wants, desires and need. What we build is what we are, and are we recycled?Do, we want to give a statement to this global society that we are now totally blank, we have  found our inspiration in boxes and containers, since other life forms are hybrid too.

I can not imagine how the city will look, if all the containers are about to replace the old housing stock with new recycled will be a HUGE GARBAGE COLLECTION A DUMPING GROUND, what happened to our sensitivity, are we so poor in our thoughts that we have actually just transported the envelope as the letter.


Are we blind or we want to build aimlessly, like a painter who works for applying any paint on whatever surface, as long as he is paid and paint is dried..he walks away to anew spot to paint again.

We, may have lost individual cultures as being very much rooted, due to mass migration and adaptations, we may have opened our minds to new thoughts but what about creativity and language, used by architects that was to some extent lost in glass buildings and now is getting trashed under the recycled banner.. going green or going bananas 🙂


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