Built environment

The skyline of the city, as develops get spiky. Earlier the towers were for political and religious reasons, now it is to get internet. Each building has a huge crown, to make the building get a head. The remarkable fact is, that all the machinery, i.e.the air conditioners, water system purifiers, signals  or machine rooms for lift, all that has to be placed somewhere, so the crown is a cap that covers it all. But then, spikes are seen, people are now not happy without getting global on daily basis. before it may have been television, but now its websites.All work and no play made Jack sad or dumb, now the play is focused on the net.

Coming back to skyline, well the higher the building the more prestigious it is or suppose to be, high density , more brains per square mete. Collect , everyone who has business and put them all together, no, not for communicating with each other , but to communicate together with others.

The urban morphology now is as per business. market , profits..the new force to direct, advance and build.


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