rough sea

Sea of thoughts, what ever influences us.. we are bound to think about it each day. In our urban lives, traffic plays a vital role.The commuting time and the distance is ten kilometers, it is only a 15 minutes drive but takes 60 to 120 minutes.The question is regularly asked, why do we have traffic jams. The road is too no.too many cars.. not really. The road is suppose to be 4 lanes but is unofficially serving 5 lanes. The buses are never on the left side, they move together like old friends..side by side blocking all the other lanes. if you want to pass them, well be prepared to get hit. And mind you, they will not run..they will argue. Then the three wheeler, the front wheel visible to the driver makes him believe that his three wheeler size ia like the front don’t think but then he thinks and always tries to put it in the most limited space..not to go but to block you.
Next, the motorcycles, they are all exempted from laws, if everyone stops then they can go..yes..because they are the most vulnerable on wheels. The other cars..well they want to change lanes as frequently as possible if their owners are not in the car, if by chance any owner is sitting then they drive like an old man, and even slower. The latest, group of retarders are the hawkers, they sell papers and collect the money..right in the middle of the moving lane, no problem its important to know whats going on in the city, before entering the office. Last, but very classic are the pedestrians, they get dropped by the bus drivers right in the middle of the road and by showing hand they cross, they never have any brakes but would get very upset if a car hits them, well I did show my hand..didn’t I? The public at this point , urges all the by-standers to break the car. Logic is, if this person doesn’t have a car he will realize how to walk on the road and feel this freedom to stop the on coming traffic no matter what the speed.
It is rough sea, when you want to steer your car through this series of challenges on a daily basis, this actually helps you to feel the thrills that you can only get here free. And the patience, yes we all need to be patient to the sides that are given by the passing cars, that are actually friendly nudges..similar to friendsly fire during any drone attack..casualties in this regard is to be accepted as part of the earthly liivng. after all, if you want to remain in the sea ,never fight with the BIG FISH.


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