what you do when nothing feels good

Do you eat and over eat?
Sleep and over sleep
work till you fall dead
or relax with a cup of tea

Watch a movie?
the one you watched 100th times before
remembered each act and line
or watch a new movie
sit on edge of couch
fall down
hit hard on bum
ouch! that was cold

Now got something to do
call on doctor
fix your face
pull out a sweater
want to look best
in distressed state


Know him or not ( a re-post)

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ..yes :)… I am a woman..100% so I am always eager about ..hmmm ..you got that right 🙂
Since, I am matured and did read the sex advice section at Cosmopolitan :)) I feel that I can put some light on the relationship/ physical approach etc etc.

Suppose you are wearing jeans and he puts his hands at your back pocket ..it means..he wants to know how your bum feels ..or he wants to check if you had extra cash on you .
He is holding either your elbow , guiding you because you don’t know where you are going or he wants you to stay with him and not walk away with another dude.
He is leaning towards you..means you are close to him or he wants you to know that he messed up something.
He cuddles you and puts arms around your shoulder..he is dead tired and you seem a good support..or you must know how much he weighs :))
He kisses you in public bus, he didn’t pay the conductor and is hiding or his other girl fried just got up too ..
Finally..he tells you he is dating only you but he is constantly messaging to another sweet heart.. means..time to leave him..:))

Touching your life passing on way

Whether it is hills or valley..that takes us days..yet to travel in time..we enjoy a glass filled with lime..cost a dime..no more..a walk a stroll..a look towards trees..those with branches filled with leaves…I slowly study..nature to see..what it resembles within me.
Many things in surroundings whispers to tell…what is artificial what is real…and within my mind..my heart wants to find a niche to touch..a reason to be..in a head that has thoughts and dreams…I am finding myself slowly..and my way too…from birth to death..and this path..if I cross your life..forgive me for any wrong that is done unintentionally..to you…forget me..if you can not forgive


Suppose all iPhone secret software gets on with remote control..and each one acts like a magnet..and is commanded by aliens from far..and have potential to explode..a series of shocks would be sent ..and all systems can be blasted..how can we control this kind of attack ? Every household has it..and they can read who owns which iPhone and where is it..like tracking..imagine..how vulnerable the entire earthling population would be..omg

PS 🙂 I am from Mars

Good times bad times

I Do feel like a failure :(((((((((((((((((((0:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))…
I do ..yes..when I fail that’s when I am a failure.. even  then I have a satisfaction  within that I did try..only my effort and plan were not up to the mark or in  correct not enough..something was missing..yep..for success  to happen everything must fall into place in good time  for the effort to realize..

Not always can I blame my shortcomings..others luck :)is a factor too; yep their good luck ..so..its true ..I feel like a failure sometimes when I see others equal to me..better in life..but then..let me try again I tell myself…my bad times may get tranformed to good times..

Look look a new book;)

Am I A Book :)…
You pick me up and read me through.
Turning my pages of life with you.
Each an event as we stay together..
you like my story line and body line too..
curving and tilting..
erotic it seems like a dream..
but as the details are discovered and revealed..
You find another book with a glossy picture
and a seal.
You leave me on the desk,
and wrap your arms around that and walk away..
keep it cuddled in your arms as you read the lines so fine..
and I get lonely as I collect dust..
then a friend borrows me from you..
and you let go..
he then finds a good price for me..
and I get sold..
for a penny..
I finally end up at the recycle bin..
am I tin tin..
I keep on hoping you miss my story..
but someone had made a movie that is better than my print..
I must sink .